About Metamorphosis


Hello.  I am Michelle Leske, owner of Metamorphosis.  Thank you for visiting my website.

Here’s a little information about myself that you might find interesting.

I am a qualified teacher of Primary School children and also teach Adults to speak English as a second language.  I am also an Alternative Healer and Tour Organizer.

I was a teacher for 12 years and then decided that I couldn’t work under the rules and dogma that are enforced on any teacher working for a government or other institution.  I am too much of a free spirit to take orders, which is sometimes to my detriment.

My healing Journey started in 2007 after doing a bit of Landscaping and volunteering at orphanages and places that assisted children with special needs.

I started slowly, first doing Reiki I, then Reiki II and then the year of Reiki Masters which for me was life changing.  I learnt so much about myself that year.  I worked hard, and the rewards were enormous.  Once I’d completed the Masters, I went on to do numerous healing courses, and did lots of reading and talking to others in the field.  I’m still learning………………

I decided to open Metamorphosis in 2009, in order to assist others to move from Fear to Joy.  It gives me so much pleasure watching my clients shift.  Some slowly and others really quickly.

I am a traveler, and I love organizing tours for others.  My favourite destination is Egypt.  There, I experience so much self-growth, I release fears, I become more tolerant, I embrace a culture completely different to my own and I fall in love, over and over again, I fall in love with Egypt.

I also have a passion for Awakening the Feminine Energy in myself and assisting others to do this.  I would love to assist you in finding all the blocks that are preventing you from living a Divine Life.

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