Attributes of the Goddess

Today I would like to share my interpretation of the Goddess.
The Goddess is Male or Female in the physical form. We have come here to this earth to Manifest the attributes of the Holy Spirit, to create Heaven on Earth and to remember the Truth. I’ve mentioned before, that the Holy Spirit is the Feminine Aspect of God. Nowhere in traditional teachings will you find this written, the Holy Spirit is always referred to in the Masculine in the Bible. However, that makes no sense, that would certainly create an imbalance, with no Feminine in the Trinity? We, men and women have come to manifest our Highest and Mightiest. We have come to become the Goddess, to free ourselves from earthly life, and go HOME.
The Goddess is:
* Truth
* Love
* A Healer
* A Comforter
* An Alchemist
* Joy
* Peace
* Patience
* Kindness
* One with every living thing


  1. thank you for your blessing work you do with the goddess

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