Feedback from Participants

Claudia Klein Cht feedback

Egypt 2017
I was fortunate to be part of 12 “Goddesses in the making” touring Egypt to re-awaken the feminine Divine.
This adventure materialized as a pleasant surprise as Egypt was never on my “bucket list”. Yet most of us possible had prepared for a long time, some without actually knowing that we and what we prepared for. This was not a tourist sightseeing tour (although we saw many sites and tourists). Twelve souls quickly realized that our journey was meant to happen in this configuration. The bonding seemed to happen without any reservation, very little ego and a lot of eagerness. However, at times it got tough. We had to face our fears and shadows. The fear of the unknown, what could be around the corner beyond our beliefs and rationality? What would the ancient energies reveal to us. Yet, there was always an outstretched hand, a heartfelt hug, a listening soul, a safe space for our vulnerability. We created a womb to birth our expansion.
The masculine energy of our Egyptian guide could not have been more knowledgeable and loving. His passion brought the intense accumulated energy of some 6000 years to life and he created sacred spaces for us in the most holy places to absorb, download, meditate or fill with our chant. Highways to the heavens, direct lines to ascended masters, which spoke through some of us with words and to all of us directly into our hearts.
Thank you Michelle for organizing this experience.

Yolandi Boshoff Feedback:

Oh wow Claudia. These words are so beautiful and says exactly what it felt like. A trip that has shaped my entire future and allowed me to connect with that Divine Feminine power in such a profound way. Much love Michelle for the vision and for holding this space for each of us. You guys fill my heart <3

Carin Smith Feedback

I am so grateful to Michelle Leske for having organised such an amazing, unique and special tour. Not only did I learn a lot about the ancient and mysterious history of Egypt, but bonded with the lovely group of women on the tour. Apart from Michelle’s love for and knowledge of the mysteries of ancient Egypt, our tour guide Ahmed was also incredibly knowledgeable and became an integral part of the tour. Overall, a life-changing experience for me. Thanks Michelle.

Bridget De Swardt Feedback

Dear Michelle
Thank you for organising such a phenomenal tour of Egypt, it will truly be something I will remember for the rest of my life.
The itinerary was well planned and we visited so many sites I got to experience so many enlightening experiences.
Travelling with a group of like minded people I have created life long friendships and memories in a truly magical place, beautiful Egypt!
Our guides made our trip, the knowledge, experience, sense of love, passion and humor were perfect.  I always felt safe.
The hotels were generally in a good condition however some rooms are better than others, there was always a good selection of good food choices and I enjoyed all my meals.
Thank you for a phenomenal experience, I am truly grateful that I was able to be part of it!
Kind Regards

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