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Join me on a Sacred Journey of finding and releasing all the blockages that are holding you back from living a life of “Heaven on Earth”.

Besides visiting all the wondrous sights in Egypt, we also have special permission to enter the Sacred space between the Paws of the Sphinx, Private entrance into the Pyramids, Private entrance into Abydos Temples and the Osirion, Private entrance into the Sun Temple at Abu Sir.  Many of these sites are not open to the general public and special permission and extra payment is required in order for us to do this.  This is all included in the price of the package.

We will be doing daily meditations and exercises to release blockages.  We will be assisted by the Goddesses of Egypt, the Ascended Masters and Angels and Archangels.

Egypt has it’s own Chakra System, we will visit the Sacred Places that coincide with our own Chakras in order to balance our energy centers efficiently.

If you wish to transform your life, this is an opportunity not to be missed.  

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The Team


Michelle Leske:  Tour Leader and coordinator:

I Am a healer and am passionate about assisting people to see and know Truth.  The healing modalities that I work with are Kahuna Massage, Aura Healing, Chakra Balancing, Numerology and Bach Flower Remedies.

 I am passionate about Egypt and the magic she has worked on me, and what I have seen her doing to others.  I went to Egypt for the first time in November 2011.  I was amazed at the personal growth I experienced then, and the dream of bringing a group to Egypt was finally realised in March 2017, when the first Goddess Tour took place. It was an amazing for both me and the rest of the group.  Please go onto my website if you would like to read some of the feedback from this tour. www.awakenthegoddess.info

There is much speculation in the media about the safety of Egypt, believe me, it is as safe as any other country, every country has their difficulties.  I have been to Egypt 8 times in 7 years.  Never, have I felt unsafe or threatened. 

I do believe in miracles, because they happen to me all the time.  If you have been called to join the Goddess Tour November 2018 that is a miracle in itself.  Only the bravest, most tenacious, open hearted people will be called. If you are reading this, then yes, you have been called.

Do you dare to take up the challenge, to let go of emotions that are holding you back from living a joy filled life?  In doing this mighty task, you will be assisting humanity, because your Light, your Love will be distributed throughout our earth.


 Mohamed Fahmy:  Our Tour Guide    

Mohamed Fahmy is an Egyptologist and tour guide and was born in Aswan, Egypt, in 1984. He graduated with honors from Minia University with a double degree in Egyptology and Tourism, he volunteered on various archaeological expeditions in Saqarra, Luxor and Aswan for 12 years, and continues his study of Egyptology in the fields of ancient Egyptian history, language, literature, religion, architecture and art from the 10th millennium BC until 4th century AD, focusing on the symbolism and philosophy of the Egyptian language as an element of eternity and resurrection. He is currently working on MA degree on the symbolism of art in the new kingdom temples and tombs in Luxor, Dendera and Abydos. 


Johanna Marius:  Boat Owner and Tour Coordinator  

 Johanna Marius, originally from Munich, Germany, has traveled the world, has lived in four continents and had three successful careers as an entrepreneur. Open-minded and quite unafraid, she explores cultures and writes about them. She discovered her love for Egypt four years ago when she first sailed the Nile on a lovely elegant dahabiya. Her heart told her that this could be a new life. She moved to Egypt, bought the dahabiya, “Abundance” and now sails between Luxor and Aswan, visiting the spectacular temples along the river. A dahabiya is a traditional river sailboat that, in the last century, was used by wealthy travelers to explore the wonders along the Nile. The captain, her partner, helped her integrate into the local culture and now the two of them show travelers the captivating sights of Upper Egypt. She loves her new life.




Day 1                                                                                 
22 November (Thursday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Transfer from the Airport, check into Hotel
• Giza is the home of the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is seated in the centre of the forehead and when functioning properly enables intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. The All Seeing Eye. Throughout this tour we will work on the Third Eye Chakra by meditating and being still, allowing our intuition to develop.
• Opening Ceremony

• Sphinx (Private Visit)
The Sphinx is also known as Tefnut, the first Lion Headed Goddess and the very first Mother.
Tefnut was the daughter of Ra and she was the Goddess of the Moon and Moisture and also the Goddess of the Sun and dryness. She was also the Eyes of Ra, the Sun God. Tefnut and her Brother Shu, were the first ones created ever, from them humanity came forth.

We are honoured to have special permission to sit between the paws of the first Mother. To experience her nurturing and healing. A special time to be experienced by all.

• Regrouping at the hotel to discuss our experiences at the Sphinx
• Dinner
• Overnight Cairo

Day 2
23 November (Friday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Meditation and Mantras in the morning after breakfast
• Explore the area around the Giza Plateau
• In the late afternoon we will have Private Entrance into the Pyramid with meditation and sound healing
• The Pyramids are believed by some to be tombs of Pharaohs. This is not actually the case at all, when you are inside the pyramid you will begin to understand that these wonders were in fact built for an entirely different purpose. We will also discuss how the Pyramids were built.
• Overnight Cairo                    

Day 3
24 November (Saturday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Fly to Abydos early morning
• Check into the House of Life and unpack
• Meditation and Mantras. Abydos has a Star Gate and thus the energies here in this village are heightened, if we use these energies with good intent and intention, our healing will be more effective.
• Private healing sessions throughout the day at the House of Life Healing Center. Please see the last page of this itinerary for a complete list of what is available.

• Private Visit to Abydos Temple in the late afternoon (Private Visit Abydos Entire complex with meditation).
The original temple in Abydos was built for the God Osiris, his head is buried here and you will have an opportunity to be in this sacred space. The temple built on top of the original temple to Osiris is the temple dedicated to Seti I.
We will have the opportunity to explore the Osirion, which is closed to the general public and also do a walk of Resurrection and Rebirth during our private access.
Abydos Temple was a Healing Center for Ancient Egyptians, they did everything possible to go on a Pilgrimage to Abydos at least once their lives. If they didn’t make a pilgrimage in their lifetime, they would have a Stelae (a tablet with a message from a person) placed there instead.

Abydos is indeed a very Holy place and great transformation is possible here. There is a Star Gate and Ascension Portal at Abydos.


• (Overnight House of Life Abydos) Please see their website for more information and healing modalities that will be available to our group during our stay there:


Day 4
25 November (Sunday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Morning Mantra and Meditations
• Visit Ramses II Temple
• Free time during the day to make use of the facilities at the House of Life. As per list on the bottom of this document.
(Overnight House of Life Abydos)

Day 5
26 November (Monday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Free day of Healing and Meditation, group and private, or you can choose any of the healing modalities or excursions that the Hotel has to offer (see details at the end of this document)

Day 6
27 November (Tuesday)
Meals Included: BD
• Depart from Abydos and Travel to and visit Dendara Temple

Dendara Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor. She is the Goddess of all things wonderful: joy, dance, love, alcohol, music and a protector of mothers. She is often depicted as a cow headed goddess with cow like ears.
We will see the very first depiction of the zodiac in this temple. Dendara temple has the most magnificent colours of all the temples in Egypt, it is going through a restoration process, with years of smoke and dust being cleaned off the walls and the colours being exposed, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

We will also have the opportunity to do a private meditation in the Chapel of Isis, connecting
to your heart centre and eternity

• Travel to Luxor stopping for lunch on the way (at own expense) and board the Dahabiya
Dahabiyas, river-going sailing ships, were common in Egypt in the early 1900s when sophisticated travellers loved to cruise the Nile in comfort. They made their way down the Nile enjoying the river breeze. To this day the dahabiyas are popular among those who wish to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to take in the landscapes, view the ancient treasures and life on the riverbank.
There has been a revival of dahabiyas and you can now travel in modern comfort.
The experience of sailing the Nile on a dahabiya fulfils dreams and is quite different from traveling on a floating hotel like a cruise ship. The dahabiya experience is a privilege both romantic and intimate. Feel the wind in your hair, float along, and the only sound you’ll hear is the wind in the sails, children laughing on the riverbank.

• Free time to unpack and settle on to the Dahabiyas (we will have twin Dahabiyas to accommodate our group) which will be our home for 7 nights
• Evening Meditation and Water Ceremony
• Luxor is the Heart Chakra of Egypt, so this is a wonderful opportunity to release any sadness, grief, or other blockages, so that we may experience Pure Divine Love.
The Ascension Flame is housed over Luxor. It is kept by the Ascended Master, Serapis Bey, who was charged to bring the Flame to Luxor from Atlantis before Atlantis sank. This tour is a perfect time to work on your Ascension Process, to become a Master of yourself, to learn about the different Flames and their purposes.
• Overnight Dahabiya


Day 7
28 November (Wednesday
Meals Included: BLD
• Karnak Temple at Sunrise
One of the highlights of visiting Karnak Temple, will be the opportunity to have private time in the Chapel of Sekhmet. Sekhmet is another lion headed goddess and she is the destroyer of the ego. She will assist those who are open to it, to start operating more on a soul level, and move into a space of surrender. No person, can be in her presence and not be affected by her magic. Although this is a statue, please bear in mind, that every statue, every temple and every area of Egypt, holds sacred keys to assist us on our spiritual journey.

• We will return to the Dahabiya and reflect on our time spent with Sekhmet          
• Mantras and Meditation to release what is no longer serving us
• Luxor Temple in the Evening


• Overnight Dahabiya




Below is the beautiful Luxor Temple, which we will visit at night.  It seems so ethereal and the energies are soft and gentle and cleansing.

Day 8
29 November (Thursday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Hatchepsut Temple at Sunrise
Hatchepsut was one of the few Female Pharaohs. Her Temple is very unique and varies from other temples in its design, although it was mostly destroyed by her son, who wanted to destroy any evidence of her reign, there is still quite a lot to see here. The Holy of Holies has recently been opened to the public again, and we are privileged to be able to do a sunrise meditation in this space today.

• Visit Valley of the Queens
The Valley of the Queens houses the Tombs of amongst others, the most exquisite tomb of Nefertari, the Beautiful One. She was the most beloved wife of Ramses II. We will visit this tomb, which requires an extra ticket and is an optional choice for you. Only 150 people a day may visit this beautiful tomb, which has only recently been opened to the public. The feeling of peace and beauty which can be experienced in this very well preserved tomb is almost surreal. We will also visit another 3 tombs in the Valley of the Queens. Scenes of daily life, and the depiction of how Spirituality was part of the daily life and ritual of the Ancient Egyptians, can be witnessed on the beautiful wall paintings. Be prepared to be  amazed.

• Travel to Esna and sail through the Loch. This is an interesting time on the Dahabiya, when the High Dam was built, the levels of the Nile River changed. The boat has to be lowered in order to continue sailing the Nile.
• We will do some mantras in the evening, to express our gratitude for the day

• Overnight Dahabiya

Day 9
30 November (Friday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Meditation and Group healing in the morning, connecting with and exploring Christ Consciousness. Working on the Solar Plexus      Chakra and Divine Love
• Sail to El Kab and visit the village to see the ancient city
• Sail to Edfu Visit Edfu Temple

• Esna and Edfu house the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is where we store fear, when in a negative state. Now is the time to release the fear that is holding you back from Divine Love, Creativity and Manifestation of an abundant life.

• Edfu Temple is dedicated to the God Horus. Edfu temple is one of the most beautifully preserved Temples in Egypt.



• Overnight Dahabiya

Day 10
1 December (Saturday)
Meals Included: BLD
• We continue working on the Solar Plexus Chakra, our Sun Center. Meditations and Mantras to assist with releasing
• Visit a local Village while sailing on the Nile on our Dahabiya all day.  The Nile is the perfect place for releasing negative                   emotions.
• Overnight Dahabiya

Day 11
2 December (Sunday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Visit Gebel el Silsila which is a fascinating site that contains tombs, stelae of Pharaoh’s and granite quarries from where stone was  obtained to create temples, including the Ramesseum.
• Meditation and Mantras and Self-Love exercises, whilst       sailing the Nile
• Overnight Dahabiya

Day 12
3 December (Monday)
Meals Included: BLD
• We will sail to Kom Ombo
• The Seat of the Soul Chakra is at Komombo. This is the Chakra, which when in alignment, allows us to express our Divine creativity. We are all talented, and each one of us has a unique talent. What a wonderful opportunity to unblock this Chakra, and allow Divine Creativity to flow…………………..that’s what Goddesses do! Bring into Manifestation, that which the Divine Creator has created.
• We will connect with our creative centre and possibly discover our true potential in this life. Meditations and Mantras, will assist us to reach a space of heart centeredness.
• Visit Kom Ombo Temple where we visit the twin temples, one dedicated the god Horus and the other to the crocodile god Sobek.

• Visit a Camel Market and experience trading of camels, something that we may never experience again
• Sail to Aswan and then travel by coach to Abu Simbel
• Overnight Abu Simbel

Day 13
4 December (Tuesday)
Meals Included: BLD
• Visit Abu Simbel at Sunrise. A meditation in the Holy of Holies, with the sun of the new dawn blessing us and giving us the strength and energy to move forward into a space of Divine Love.

• Abu Simbel is the Base Chakra of Egypt. Here we will meditate on issues like Power, Money, Feeling safe and grounded and connected to the Physical world.

• Travel back to Aswan

• Visit Philae Temple in the afternoon
Philae Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Isis, sister/ wife of the god Osiris.
Here we will invoke Isis to work with us to balance the dominating Masculine energy that we are holding and allow for more of the Feminine Energy to be activated.

Philae Temple was also relocated when the High Dam was built, and it now sits on an island, that is lush with natural vegetation and bird life.

We will also visit the original site of Philae Temple, and do a meditation on the waters of the Nile close to the original site of the temple.

• Overnight Dahabiya

Day 14
5 December (Wednesday)
Meals Included: BD
• Fly to Cairo
• Check into Hotel in Cairo
• Visit Saqqara
Saqqara is home to the Step Pyramid, the oldest of the 97 pyramids in Egypt, the Hospital and Healing Center, and also the Serrapeum. Much evidence is left to show us how sound was used for healing the physical and emotional bodies. This is a massive complex, and we will have plenty time to explore and bask in the energy of the area and experience some healing ourselves.

We will stop for lunch (your own expense) on the way to Abu Sir
Abu Sir is home to the Sun Temple. It is not open to the public, so we will have the whole area to ourselves, to do some meditations and exploring of our journey thus far. This area is also a Star Gate and a portal for Ascension. We are honoured to be present in this Holy Space.
Overnight Cairo

Day 15
6 December (Thursday)
Meals Included: BD
• Visit the Museum in the morning
• Lunch at own expense
• Visit The Virgin Tree
The Virgin Tree is a place where Mary and Joseph took refuge from King Herod. It is believed that a spring of water appeared to wash the baby Jesus. Many Coptic Christians make Pilgrimages to this area, to receive blessings. Many pilgrims believe that, because of the tree’s direct link to Christ, it contains miraculous properties and that when touched it can help to heal the sick.
• We will have our closing ceremony in this Holy Place to end our journey of self-discovery and healing our heart centers.

• The time has come to end our beautiful journey of the Heart.  We will check out of the hotel and transfer to Cairo International          Airport to fly home.

Your Journey of Learning to Love Yourself and open your Heart, will have a great impact on Humanity.  May you always be Blessed.


Cost per person sharing a Double Room:  US$2990

A deposit of US$500 is required to secure your space on the tour




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