Keys To Self-Mastery

Yesterday I listened to a teaching from the Ascended Master Lanello, who gave some simple yet profound keys to Self Mastery through Mindfulness. These keys pertain to areas in our lives when we need to Speak, Act or make Life Altering Decisions. I interpret this as ALWAYS. EVERYTHING we Say, EVERYTHING we do, and EVERY decision we ever make can be life altering. Either for our and others Highest Good, or not. 

Here are the Seven Keys to apply before doing anything:

Pause and be still

Ask for assistance or an answer to a question, or a sign as to how to proceed.

Listen carefully and wait for a reply from within

Once you have heard or felt an intuitive response, consider this response, and contemplate on how you may put it into play in your life.

Confirm and affirm in your heart that this is truly the option you desire to take or the course you are willing to follow

Obey the inner prompting and act with certainty and deliberation

Once you have completed your actions, reflect on your experience and seek to learn from your decision.

Be Grateful to yourself for your mindfulness and the way that it has affected not only you, but everyone around you too.



  1. Solid wisdom, thanks for sharing.

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