Goddess Tour to Egypt November 2019


1 – 15 November 2019

A Journey of Love

Another Journey to Egypt is planned.  Another Blessing, a continued Awakening, another Adventure with Self.

I actually thought that the April 2019 tour to Egypt would be my last for a while.  Of course I was hardly back home in South Africa when the yearning for Egypt and her mysteries called me back.  I have learnt so much about the Goddesses, I am still learning, and every day, there is a new exciting discovery and connection made.  I know, for sure, that the Divine Feminine is very present in Egypt, ancient Mothers and Healers, waiting to assist us, in our upliftment of the culture of the Divine Mother, our Ascension and Healing.

I invite you to join me on this magnificent journey of opening your heart.

Goddess Tours are not regular site seeing tours.  They have the intention of allowing those who choose to, to take the opportunity learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally.  The previous four Goddess Tours to Egypt, have been a time for huge transformation for most of the participants. Every time I take a group to Egypt, I learn more and more about myself, discover new wonderful secret places that not many tourists go to, and learn to love myself and others more.

This journey teaches tolerance and love (for oneself and others), allows one to be a witness to miracles, activates your connection to your soul, allows you let go of fears and phobias and become free of the burdens of the physical world.

I believe that every person that has been a participant on one of the tours, has gone home changed. 

Testimony for this is in the feedback that I receive, and what I witness while on the tours. Also the fact that so many people come back, again and again, is testimony in itself.

So if you’re ready to have your Heart cracked open to Love, then this is the tour for you!

Welcome Beautiful Brave Being.

Brief Itinerary and what is included:


All Entrance fees, transportation, guiding included in the cost

1.       Sphinx Private Visit

2.       Giza Plateau

3.       Solar Boat Museum

4.       Pyramids (Private Visit)

5.      Saqqara

6.     Pyramid of Unas

7.     The Serrapeum

8.     The temple of Abydos

9.     Dendara Temple

10.   Hatchepsut Temple

11.   Tomb of Khereuf

12.   Tomb of Pabasa

13.   Karnak Temple

14.   Luxor Temple

15.   Valley of the Queens

16.   Valley of the  Kings

17.   Hathor Temple at Deir el Medina       

18.   Chapel of Isis at Deir El Shelwitt        

19.   Medinet Habu

20.   Temple of Knum

21.   Silsila

22.   Kom Ombo Temple

23.   Philae Temple and the original                     island               

24.   Abu Simbel


All meals:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included in the cost

Veda Dahabiya


Le Meridien Pyramids in Giza 5* 


House of Life in Abydos 5*   


Sonesta Saint George in Luxor 5*


Two Domestic Flights included in the cost of the tour

  • Cairo to Sohag
  • Aswan to Cairo

The Cost:

  • Per Person Sharing in a Double Room: US$3725
  • Single room: US$4220


Day 1
01/11/2019 Friday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Transfer from the Airport, check into Hotel

Giza is the home of the Third Eye Chakra.  The Third Eye Chakra is seated in the center of the forehead and when functioning properly enables intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  The All Seeing Eye.  Throughout this tour we will work on the Third Eye Chakra by meditating and being still, allowing our intuition to develop.

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Sphinx Private Visit in the late afternoon 5pm to 7pm. (with meditation)

The Sphinx is also known as Tefnut, the first Lion Headed Goddess and the very first Mother.

Tefnut was the daughter of Ra and she was the Goddess of the Moon and Moisture and

also the Goddess of the Sun and dryness.  She was also the Eyes of Ra, the Sun God.  Tefnut and her Brother Shu, were the first ones created ever, from them humanity came forth.

 We are honoured to have special permission to sit between the paws of the first Mother.  To experience her nurturing and healing.  A special time to be experienced by all.

Day 2
02/11/2019 Saturday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Visit the museum in down town Cairo. We will spend the morning experiencing the centuries old artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamen, the Mummy room and my favourite at the moment, the Armana room.

After lunch we will head off to the Giza Plateau. We will explore the area around the Giza Plateau and learn about the construction and possible uses of the pyramids.  Lots of time to take photos and perhaps go on a camel or horse ride around the area.

  • Pyramids (Private Visit with meditation) in the late afternoon (5pm to 7pm)

We are blessed to have our own private time in the Great Pyramid. We will go into the Lower Chamber, where we will face our shadow side.  This is a time to release fear and anything that is holding you back from experiencing your life joyfully. 

We then head up to the Queens Chamber and then the Kings Chamber, where will do a meditation, sound healing and have an opportunity to Ask for guidance and assistance to move from a mundane to an extraordinary life.

  • Dinner at the Hotel
  • Overnight Le Meridien Pyramids
Day 3 
03/11/2019 Sunday
Meals Included:  BLD

Visit Saqqara

Saqqara is home to the Step Pyramid, the oldest of the 97 pyramids in Egypt, the Hospital and Healing Center, and also the Serrapeum.  Much evidence is left to show us how sound was used for healing the physical and emotional bodies.  This is a massive complex, and we will have plenty time to explore and bask in the energy of the area and experience some healing ourselves.

  • Visit the recently opened Pyramid of Unas.  See the Pyramid Texts here.  These were spells written to assist the Pharaoh in the afterlife.
  • Visit the Serrapeum

The Serrapeum is a subterranean complex that houses massive granite boxes weighing approximately 60 to 80 tons each.  There is great mystery surrounding this complex.  The reason for it is not known. It was originally believed that the granite boxes were used to store the remains of mummified Serapis Bulls, however no remains of these were found.  The technology used to create these boxes is also a mystery.  We will spend time visiting and exploring this mysterious site and also do some toning and sound healing here.

Dinner and Overnight Le Meridien Pyramids

Day 4 
04/11/2019 Monday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Check out of Le Meridien in Cairo and fly to Sohag
  • Visit the temple of Abydos

Abydos is the most Holy City in Egypt.  In ancient times, pilgrimages were made to Abydos.  We will be visiting the Temple of Seti I, dedicated to the God, Osiris, who was resurrected by his wife/sister, Isis.

The Temple is steeped in mysticism and there are many aspects to this Temple which hold many secrets and magic.  I have had the most amazing experiences there.  The theme of the Temple for me is resurrection.  Here we can ask for resurrection, to be assisted to move into a more soulful life and resurrect ourselves from the ordinary.  Each minute of each day should be a miracle unfolding.  We can ask…………and be open to receiving.

The Flower of Life at Abydos Temple, symbolizing the creation, and continuity. We will go down the stairs of the Osirion, to have a look at this beauty.

The Osirion at Abydos.  To me, this is the most mysterious area of all.  What was the

Purpose of the Osirion?  What secrets does it hold?

 Dinner and Overnight House of Life

The House of Life Hotel where we will be staying for a night.  This is one of my favourite places to stay in Egypt.  The hotel is a replica of the Temple.  There are meditation rooms, healing rooms and gorgeous shops that sell the most Divine Healing Oils, incense, clothing and authentic Egyptian products.

Day 5
05/11/2019 Tuesday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Check out of House of Life Hotel
  • Travel to Dendara and visit Dendara Temple

Dendara Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Hathor, has a delightful feminine, mysterious and joyful feel to it.  The Goddess Hathor is the Goddess of all things wonderful: Joy, Music, Dance, Motherhood and Alcohol.  She was highly revered by the Pharaohs, and there are depictions and statues of her in almost every temple in Egypt, a very adored Goddess.

The colours of the Temple are magnificent, and have been recently cleaned up to reveal the loveliest turquoise, which is Hathor’s colour.

We will see the first example of Zodiac in Hathor’s temple, on the ceiling.  I often wish I could lie on my back there to avoid straining my neck, when viewing this cosmic clock.

A stunning depiction of Nut, the Sky Goddess on the ceiling at Dendara

Hathor Headed Columns and the Ceiling at Dendara Temple

  • Lunch along the way to Luxor
  • Travel to Luxor, check into hotel             
  • Dinner and Overnight Sonesta Saint George Luxor
Day 6 
06/11/2019 Wednesday
Meals Included:  BLD

The Ascension Flame is housed over Luxor.  It is kept by the Ascended Master, Serapis Bey, who was charged to bring the Flame to Luxor from Atlantis before Atlantis sank.  This tour is a perfect time to work on your Ascension Process, to become a Master of yourself, to learn about the different Flames and their purposes.

The Heart Chakra of Egypt is also in Luxor.  We will be doing lots of work on the heart chakra here, releasing what no longer serves us, and allowing ourselves to Become Divine Love.

  • Visit Hatchepsut Temple at Sunrise

Hatchepsut was one of the few Female Pharaohs.  Her Temple is very unique and varies from other temples in its design, although it was mostly destroyed by her stepson, Thutmoses III, who wanted to destroy any evidence of her reign, there is still quite a lot to see here. The Holy of Holies has recently been opened to the public again and is really beautiful.  The feeling in this Temple is soft and feminine and celebrates the Divine Feminine.  The artwork and colours invite you to stay a while and just be.  The Hathor courtyard is really magnificent, and invokes a sense of joy and playfulness.

  • Visit the Tomb of Khereuf

Life is a celebration!

Music, perfumed oils, incense and food, were offered to the Gods and Goddesses in gratitude.

Khereuf was the royal scribe of Queen Tiye, the principal wife of Amenhotep III.  The significance of the tomb comes from the superb artistic quality of its reliefs and the historical information provided by some of the scenes and accompanying inscriptions for the transition from Amenhotep III’s reign to that of his son and successor, Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten. Again, this tomb is a celebration of the Feminine. It is not often visited by tourists, so the energy is really quite pure.

  • Visit the Tomb of Pabasa

Pabasa was the Chief Steward of the God’s wife, Nitocris.  Chief Stewards were responsible for providing food for the palace and royalty. 

The title God’s Wife was bestowed on women of Ancient Egypt who had the same standing and roles as a High Priest. It is believed that Nitocris was the first Queen of Egypt, and during her reign she saved Egypt from destruction. There is very little physical evidence of her.  No tomb has been discovered, no pictures or statues.  Her name is however on the King’s list in Abydos.  A very mysterious lady indeed.

In the tomb of Pabasa, there is evidence of bee keeping in Egypt. How fascinating.  Bees were highly revered, as was the fruit of their labors, honey. This tomb interests me, because I am a beekeeper!!

  • Dinner and Overnight Sonesta Saint George Luxor
Day 7 
07/11/2019 Thursday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Karnak Temple at Sunrise (Private visit to Sekhmet Chapel)

Karnak Temple was built over a period of 13000 years.  It was added on to from its original state, by Pharaohs through the ages.  The meaning of Karnak is “The Most Sacred of Places”.

One of the highlights of visiting Karnak Temple, will be the opportunity to have private time in the Chapel of Sekhmet.  Sekhmet is one of the lion headed goddess and she is the destroyer of the ego.  She will assist those who are open to it, to start operating more on a soul level, and move into a space of surrender.  No person, can be in her presence and not be affected by her magic.  Although this is a statue, please bear in mind, that every statue, every temple and every area of Egypt, holds sacred keys to assist us on our spiritual journey.

  • We return to Luxor in the late afternoon and you will have the opportunity to visit the souk to do some shopping, or visit the Aboudi Bookstore where you will have time to explore at your own leisure.
  • Visit Luxor Temple in the Evening

Luxor Temple, also known as the Temple of Man

  • Visit Valley of the Queens and Kings

Valley of the Queens, hosts the beautiful Tomb of Nefertari, which is open to a limited number of people daily. 

You will be in awe to behold this tomb for “The Beautiful One”.

We will have access to three tombs at Valley of the Queens, and three tombs at Valley of

The Kings, the resting place of the Pharaohs.  There is also an opportunity to visit the small tomb of King Tutankhamen, for an additional ticket.

  • Dinner and Overnight Sonesta Saint George Luxor
Day 8 
08/11/2019 Friday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride (Optional)

  • Visit the Chapel of Isis at Deir El Shelwitt

A tiny, unassuming little temple, but the gifts received by the April 2019 Goddess group, are beyond words.  I cannot wait for you to experience Isis here.  Not many tourists go here, and the experience here will hopefully live with you forever.

  • Visit the Hathor Temple at Deir el Medina

This beautiful chapel dedicated to Hathor is not visited by many tourists. There is evidence of it being a place of healing.  The atmosphere is calm and healing.

Medinet Habu is dedicated to Ramses III and the best preserved temple in Thebes.

Dahabiyas, river-going sailing ships, were common in Egypt in the early 1900s when sophisticated travelers loved to cruise the Nile in comfort. They made their way down the Nile enjoying the river breeze. To this day the dahabiyas are popular among those who wish to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to take in the landscapes, view the ancient treasures and life on the riverbank.

There has been a revival of dahabiyas and you can now travel in modern comfort.

The experience of sailing the Nile on a dahabiya fulfills dreams and is quite different from traveling on a floating hotel like a cruise ship. The dahabiya experience is a privilege both romantic and intimate. Feel the wind in your hair, float along, and the only sound you’ll hear is the wind in the sails, children laughing on the riverbank.

Only our group will have the luxury of spending time on this dahabiya, that’s what sets a dahabiya apart from a big Nile Cruiser.  We get treated like queens (and kings).  Nothing is too much to ask.  This part of the tour is normally everybody’s favourite!

One of the suites on the dahabiya with a Private balcony and a beautiful view out of the lovely picture windows.

If you really want to feel like a queen, I would suggest you book a suite for yourself. Only 3 available.

Day 09 
09/11/2019 Saturday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Sail to Esna and experience going through the Loch

Esna and Edfu house the Solar Plexus Chakra.  This is where we store fear, when in a negative state.  Now is the time to release the fear that is holding you back from Divine Love, Creativity and Manifestation of an abundant life.

  • Visit the Temple of Knum at Esna
  • Sail to El Kab and visit the village to see the ancient city
  • Visit the temple of Amenhotep III dedicated to Hathor and Nekhbet

Nekhbet and Wadjet, referred to as The Two Ladies. Goddess of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Nekhbet (the White Vulture Goddess) was the protector of Egypt and the Pharaohs. She was referred to as “Mother of Mothers, who hath existed from the Beginning”. She was the patron goddess of the Upper Egypt city of Nekheb (modern day El Kab), from which her name derives.

  • Sail to Edfu Visit Edfu Temple:

Edfu Temple is dedicated to the Horus (The Falcon God)

  • Overnight Dahabiya
Day 10
Sunday 10/11/2019
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Visit a local Village while sailing all day
  • We will have plenty time to do some healing, meditations and mantras on the Dahabiya. It is the ideal place to do this work, on the nurturing, flowing Nile River.

  • Overnight Dahabiya
Day 11
Monday 11/11/2019
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Visit Silsila: Silsila is a quarry where the stones for the temples where cut from huge rocks.

  • Overnight Dahabiya
Day 12
Tuesday 12/11/2019
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Kom Ombo Temple:
  • The Seat of the Soul Chakra is at Komombo.  This is the Chakra, which when in alignment, allows us to express our Divine creativity.  We are all talented, and each one of us has a unique talent. What a wonderful opportunity to unblock this Chakra, and allow Divine Creativity to flow…………………..that’s what Goddesses do!  Bring into Manifestation, that which the Divine Creator has created.
  • We will connect with our creative centre and possibly discover our true potential in this life.  Meditations and Mantras, will assist us to reach a space of heart centeredness.
  • Visit Kom Ombo Temple where we visit the twin temples, one dedicated the god Horus and the other to the crocodile god Sobek.

  • Sail to Aswan
  • Overnight Dahabiya
Day 13
13/11/2019 Wednesday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Visit Philae Temple and the original island

Philae Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Isis, sister/ wife of the god Osiris.

Philae Temple was also relocated when the High Dam was built, and it now located on an island, that is lush with natural vegetation and bird life.

We will also visit the original site of Philae Temple, and do a meditation on the waters of the Nile close to the original site of the temple.  Here we will invoke Isis to work with us to balance the dominating Masculine energy that we are holding and allow for more of the Feminine Energy to be activated.

  • Overnight Dahabiya
Day 14 Thursday
Meals Included:  BLD
  • Visit Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is the Root Chakra of Egypt.  We will be mindful of releasing our limitations regarding our safety, lack of power and money while visiting Abu Simbel, hopefully the magic in the Temple will assist us to move into a space of Feeling Safe, Abundant and Powerful.


We will have a very early start today, as we have a 3 hour drive to Abu Simbel.  Home of the temples of Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari.  I found a secret spot in this Temple, and hope you find it too.  Remember there is magic embedded in every temple in Egypt, to assist you with your journey of self love. 

Overnight Dahabiya

Day 15
Friday 15/11/2019
Meals Included:  B
  • The end of our Journey together has come. We will have a Closing Ceremony on the Dahabiya and share with our Soul Group, the blessings the Journey together has brought, and express our gratitude.
  • Fly to Cairo
  • Late Check out of Hotel and transfer to Cairo International

The Cost:

 Per Person Sharing in a Double Room:  US$3725

Single room:  US$4200

Package includes:

  • All sightseeing tours throughout (including entrance fees) with a private licensed bilingual speaking guide.
  • All transfers in a/c vehicle as stated in the program. Including airport transfers
  • All tips to staff and hotels (You may want to add to the tip for our guide, and the boat staff but that is entirely optional)
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • On the Dahabiya, all soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, fruit and snacks are available throughout the day and are included in the cost. Alcohol consumed on the Dahabiya needs to be paid for separately.
  • Domestic flights in Egypt, (Cairo to Sohag) and (Aswan to Cairo)
  • Entrance into the Paws of the Sphinx (Not open to the Public, special permission and payment arranged by the agent) Included in the price.
  • Private Entrance into The Great Pyramid Included in the price.
  • Meditations in areas mentioned in the itinerary, special permission and extra fees have to be paid for this privilege, and the cost is included in the price.
  • 3 Nights at Le Meridien Hotel in Cairo


  • 1 Night at the House of Life Hotel in Abydos:


  • 3 Nights at Sonesta Saint George Luxor


  • 7 Nights on the Dahabiya


Package excludes:

  • International flights
  • Egypt Entry Visa (US$25 available on arrival in Egypt for most countries)
  • Any optional excursions. (See Optional Excursions Below)
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, laundry, telephone calls, etc.
  • Travel Insurance – It is strongly recommended that you arrange your own Travel Insurance

Optional Excursions:

  • Whirling Dervishes in Cairo – US$25
  • Zar at House of Life) – US$40

(only available to a group size of minimum 10 participants) (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02358570

  • Optional Entrance into Nefertari Tomb – US$120
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride – US$100
  • Sound and Light Show Karnak – US$ 25
  • Sound and Light Show Philae Temple – US$25

 Contact:   Michelle Leske

Email:  leskemichelle47@gmail.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/goddessmanifest

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of issue of the Egyptian Visa.

Michelle Leske:  Tour Leader and coordinator:

I Am a healer and am passionate about assisting people to see and know Truth.  The healing modalities that I work with are Kahuna Massage, Aura Healing, Chakra Balancing, Numerology and Bach Flower Remedies.

 I am passionate about Egypt and the magic she has worked on me, and what I have seen her doing to others.  I went to Egypt for the first time in November 2011.  I was amazed at the personal growth I experienced then, and the dream of bringing a group to Egypt was finally realized in March 2017, when the first Goddess Tour took place. It was an amazing for both me and the rest of the group.  

There is much speculation in the media about the safety of Egypt, believe me, it is as safe as any other country, every country has their difficulties.  I have been to Egypt 9 times in 8 years.  Never, have I felt unsafe or threatened. 

I do believe in miracles, because they happen to me all the time.  If you have been called to join the Goddess Tour November 2019 that is a miracle in itself.  Only the bravest, most tenacious, open hearted people will be called. If you are reading this, then yes, you have been called.

Do you dare to take up the challenge, to let go of emotions that are holding you back from living a joy filled life?  In doing this mighty task, you will be assisting humanity, because your Light, your Love will be distributed throughout our earth.

Videos of memories from the March 2018 Tour:

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