Divine Love

Many of us are working on loving ourselves unconditionally. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, because we live with ourselves and tend to focus on our mistakes. Not too many people are always compassionate, kind, loving or perfect. Speaking for myself, I am forever beating myself up for what I have done wrong.

Today, in my meditation, I was shown how to break away from beating myself up, and learn to love myself a little more each day.

The way that I was shown, was to look at another and focus on his outstanding good points. I saw compassion, willingness to go the distance, his perseverance to give his all in certain situations, I saw his kindness and ability to say no to events that he did not want to partake in.

Then, I was asked to look at the similarities I found in myself. First I could see nothing, not one thing. I was told to keep looking for those qualities in myself, that I loved in the other person. I was not allowed to give up, until I found them.

I sat uncomfortably for a while, and then I started seeing my True Self as opposed to my ego. I felt so much love and compassion for myself. I saw my beauty and my love. It was a very humbling experience.

Every day, look at your true nature, who you really are, not your ego that can be tired, angry, irritable. Just look at how amazing you are. Start making a habit of this, and eventually you will learn to love yourself so beautifully, that your flaws will fall away, and you will only be Divine Love.

Energy flows where attention goes. Be Love!

Keys To Self-Mastery


Yesterday I listened to a teaching from the Ascended Master Lanello, who gave some simple yet profound keys to Self Mastery through Mindfulness. These keys pertain to areas in our lives when we need to Speak, Act or make Life Altering Decisions. I interpret this as ALWAYS.

EVERYTHING we Say, EVERYTHING we do, and EVERY decision we ever make can be life altering.

Either for our Highest Good or not!

Here are the Seven Keys to apply before doing anything:
  • Pause and be still
  • Ask for assistance or an answer to a question, or a sign as to how to proceed.
    Listen carefully and wait for a reply from within
  • Once you have heard or felt an intuitive response, consider this response, and contemplate on how you may put it into play in your life.
  • Confirm and affirm in your heart that this is truly the option you desire to take or the course you are willing to follow
  • Obey the inner prompting and act with certainty and deliberation
  • Once you have completed your actions, reflect on your experience and seek to learn from your decision.
  • Be Grateful to yourself for your mindfulness and the way that it has affected not only you, but everyone around you too.


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