Goddess Tour to Egypt



4 – 18 APRIL 2019

It is with great Joy, that I am offering the fourth Goddess Tour to Egypt.
The intention of all the Goddess Tours is LOVE.
To learn to love and honour ourselves more, and in doing so, to spread that love throughout the universe.
I have chosen Egypt as the destination, because that is truly where I have experienced so much Personal Growth, without even really intending to.
The Goddesses, the magic stored in the Tombs and Temples, and the numerous Star Gates all assist us to heal and grow, and to learn what is important in life.

Join me on this magnificent tour, if you desire to grow in Love, Joy and Abundance.


Day 1

04/04/2019 Thursday

Meals Included:  BLD

Transfer from the Airport, check into Hotel

Opening Ceremony

Sphinx Private Visit in the late afternoon (with meditation)   


Overnight Cairo


Day 2 

05/04/2019 Friday

Meals Included:  BLD



Pyramids (Private Visit) (with meditation)

Visit Saqqara

Overnight Cairo





Day 3 

06/04/2019 Saturday

Meals Included:  BLD

Fly to Abydos early morning

Private Visit to Abydos Temple in the late afternoon (Private Visit Abydos Entire complex with meditation) 

(Overnight House of Life Abydos)

Day 4 

07/04/2019 Sunday

Meals Included:  BLD

Visit Ramses II Temple

(Overnight House of Life Abydos)

Day 5

08/04/2019 Monday

Meals Included:  BD

Depart from Abydos and Travel to and visit Dendara Temple (Chapel of Isis Meditation)

Travel to Luxor stopping for lunch on the way (own expense) and board the Dahabiya

Day 6 

09/04/2019 Tuesday

Meals Included:  BLD

Karnak Temple at Sunrise


Luxor Temple in the Evening

Overnight Dahabiya

Day 7 

10/04/2019 Wednesday

Meals Included:  BLD

Hatchepsut Temple at Sunrise (Meditation)



Visit Valley of the Queens

Here we will be given the opportunity to visit one of the most magnificent tombs in the whole of Egypt, belonging to Queen Nefertari.  An opportunity not to be missed.





Visit Hathor Temple on the West Bank 

Overnight Dahabiya

Day 8 

11/04/2019 Thursday

Meals Included:  BLD

Sail to El Kab and visit the village to see the ancient city

Sail to Edfu Visit Edfu Temple

Overnight Dahabiya


Day 09 

12/04/2019 Friday

Meals Included:  BLD

Visit a local Village while sailing all day

Overnight Dahabiya

Day 10 

13/04/2019 Saturday

Meals Included:  BLD

Visit Silsila

Overnight Dahabiya

Day 11 

14/04/2019  Sunday

Meals Included:  BLD



Kom Ombo Temple


Sail to Aswan

Overnight Dahabiya




Day 12 

15/04/2019 Monday

Meals Included:  BLD




Visit Philae Temple

The home of the beautiful Goddess Isis. Be prepared to feel the Love!







Depart for Abu Simbel

Lunch along the way

Overnight Abu Simbel

Day 13

16/04/2019 Tuesday

Meals Included:  BD



Visit Abu Simbel Temple at Sunrise – Meditation






Fly to Cairo from Abu Simbel 13.55

Check into Hotel in Cairo


Overnight Cairo

Day 14 

17/04/2019 Wednesday

Meals Included:  BD

Visit the Museum

Lunch at Saqqara Country Club (Own Expense)



Abu Sir Temple (Private Visit) (meditation in the Sun Temple)








Day 15 

18/04/2019 Thursday

Meals Included:  B

Visit Virgin Tree


Late Check out of Hotel and transfer to Cairo International


Per Person Sharing in a Double Room:  US$3500

Single room:  US$3840


05 Peace 1

Michelle Leske:  Tour Leader and coordinator:

I Am a healer and am passionate about assisting people to see and know Truth.  The healing modalities that I work with are Kahuna Massage, Aura Healing, Chakra Balancing, Numerology and Bach Flower Remedies.

 I am passionate about Egypt and the magic she has worked on me, and what I have seen her doing to others.  I went to Egypt for the first time in November 2011.  I was amazed at the personal growth I experienced then, and the dream of bringing a group to Egypt was finally realized in March 2017, when the first Goddess Tour took place. It was an amazing for both me and the rest of the group.  

There is much speculation in the media about the safety of Egypt, believe me, it is as safe as any other country, every country has their difficulties.  I have been to Egypt 8 times in 7 years.  Never, have I felt unsafe or threatened. 

I do believe in miracles, because they happen to me all the time.  If you have been called to join the Goddess Tour November 2018 that is a miracle in itself.  Only the bravest, most tenacious, open hearted people will be called. If you are reading this, then yes, you have been called.

Do you dare to take up the challenge, to let go of emotions that are holding you back from living a joy filled life?  In doing this mighty task, you will be assisting humanity, because your Light, your Love will be distributed throughout our earth.

Videos of memories from the March 2018 Tour:

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    How much it’s deposit for two people if i pay it before Octobre 31th ?

  6. How many spots are left for this tour pls?

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