Feedback from Participants

Some of the lovely memories of the Goddess Tour to Egypt – March 2018 and the feedback from some of the participants:

April 2019 Goddess tour IV:

Fourteen glorious days, exploring places I only ever dreamed about…
It was incredible !!! I can’t even put into words the experiences we had… Michelle Leske was a fabulous host, facilitator… meditating and being in places where the energy and history come together – unbelievable! A trip of a lifetime, for sure! You won’t be disappointed!

We were taken care of every step of the way…our Egyptologist Mohamad, was extremely knowledgeable about all the sites, very professional, friendly and some days, too accommodating! 😉

The food, WOW, the accommodations, WOW, floating down the Nile, WOW… I could go on… I would go back in an instant, except I spent my travel budget already this year! Next year, maybe…😊💗😊  Evelyn Sideen

This tour was absolutely life changing for me and has created unbelievable shifts! Michelle Leske had great resources and got us into places most tourists don’t go.. We did daily mediations and healing ceremonies that created profound shifts in my life that when i got home, challenging relationships were easy and loving but most important the relationship with myself improved. I for the 1st time absolutely loved myself! And this has changed my whole life! I experienced energies and past life situations for the 1st time. Realized that everyone comes into your life for a reason and that became so clear on this trip. I have become much more aware and AWAKENED! This is a must do tour that will change your life! Thank u for putting the effort into this tour to change peoples lives! xoxox You changed mine! and i will forever be grateful to u for that!!    Laurie Carruthers

Trip to Egypt with Michelle was absolute experience of a lifetime! It’s was beyond any expectations and well organized!
The planning and scheduling of the different activities , food and accommodation was just perfect! The selection of the sites we are visited it is a perfect mix and a really great introduction to the country.
We loved so much !!!! It’s was really something wonderful -A JOURNEY, we will never forget and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Also we would like to thank our Egyptologist Mohamed for a fantastic discoveries and his outstanding knowledge! We truly enjoyed every moments , exchanges and opinions he explained on the formidable sites we visited together.
Completely out of this world!!!!
We will have to go back to continue our exploration of Egyptian incredible culture and history.

Our best regards

Frederic and Irina

My trip to Egypt has been a lifelong dream & this trip was beyond what I could have dreamed it would be. All accommodations were of a high standard & the food was AMAZING. At all times I felt safe & all of the wonderful team went above & beyond to help with anything. The scheduling allowed for plenty of down time but we still saw so much in such a short time. From private access to sites allowing for better experiences, to arranging the Sailing of the Nile it was an fabulous experience & truly felt like a goddess! Our Egyptologist Mohamed was amazing. He shared his extensive knowledge & insight for his country with our group. He always worked ensure everyone was getting the experience they were chasing.

Thank you to Michelle for making this tour happen & everyone involved in making this an experience that will never be forgotten! 

Bianca Moulton 

Feedback from:  Dawn Venn (Australia)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018

I loved everything about the tour.  I enjoyed sailing on the Dahabiya, with its beautiful accommodation and food.  I really enjoyed and am thankful for the guidance Mohamed gave at all the tourists spots, his passion and knowledge is the best I have ever come across on tour and I really am so appreciative of the knowledge he passed on and how he made me think,  for example, at times he would never just give the answer he tried to get us to give our perspective and tried to push me to think a little harder.

I enjoyed the program seeing all the temples and finally the pyramids the way it ran seeing temples in a quiet little spot in Abu Simbel and then getting bigger and bigger ending with the pyramids in Cairo, I loved the slow progression.  I really loved that we traveled from one end of Egypt to another feels like a pilgrimage. Staying at Mena House with the pyramids in the background, just amazing. The special personal stops that you arranged for example to an Alabaster shop where the owner showed us how they carved the rock and gave us homemade cake OH MY GOODNESS how can you forget that hospitality.  I loved the aroma therapy shop where we got to buy essential oils and get information, tips and suggestions on how they are made or use them, and then to top it off a special healer – which was a great experience and surprise I never expected that at all. The Papyrus shop where we saw how it was made and then got to get our names painted on our piece of art if we chose while we waited.  I suppose I am saying I liked interaction with the Egyptian people to learn how they do things or their perspective on life. Sitting near the Sphinx, the climb into the pyramid, AMAZING – once I got over being trapped inside!!!!

I liked the meditations when we first started.  I liked that at all times I felt safe and had fun.  I could name so many, many more and in a way I am still remembering them as they are slowly coming back as I have come back from holiday and straight to work so still haven’t really had time to sit and ponder the holiday, but I guess will come when the time is right.

The Laughs the Learning and the love, is how I will remember the tour.  I would like to say thank you for organising a wonderful tour that I thoroughly enjoyed and will never forget.

Feedback from:  Claudia Klein (South Africa)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018 

This was my second adventure journey to Egypt with Michelle and if I believe what truly makes it work is not only her knowledge and experience to put a good itinerary together and choosing the best contacts in Egypt which is vitally important – but it is her “connection” to Egypt that spills over to the participants and weaves an energetic womb for everyone safely to evolve in. Well done Michelle.

Claudia Klein 0826767919

Feedback from:  Inge Dougans (South Africa)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018 

Dear Michelle

From the WhatsApp group it sounds we have all reached our homes in the various parts of the world and are all trying to settle back in to our daily routines.

During the unpacking of my suitcase, two items made me sit down and reminisce our special trip. The ‘key of life’ and a map of Egypt on a papyrus. I realize words will never be able to express how grateful I am to be part of this group, more so the journey that you Michelle have helped us all to be part of.

Looking at the map – I realized we started almost at the border of Sudan in Abu Simbel and traveled through Egypt to the very north, Alexandria, a distance of close to 1400 Km.

Our group has benefited tremendously from your many prior trips to Egypt, as well as your first group arrangements the previous year. I have no doubt that you have spent many months to negotiate and put together a well thought-out program. As you wrote in your Tour Guide – this tour is not the “run of the mill” tour.

In your negotiations you put in strong motivation to have Mohammed as our guide and you succeeded. His insights to the Ancient History is truly worth listening to (even if we got ‘lost’ now and again). You furthermore managed to book amazing hotels on our route, but most of all – you added a most beautiful 8-days sailing on two Dahabiyas.

Your opening ceremony, giving us all a ‘key of life’ – was a beautiful undertaking and for me the start of a special personal journey within the group-dynamics. I will treasure the key and hold it to my heart whenever I have a need to be connected.

As a group, we soon connected and benefited with the willingness to ‘daily’ get up before sunrise and be the first group visiting the various temples and sites. We soon noticed how it benefited us all – less crowds and the heat was a bit cooler. We seemed to be ‘lucky’ lots of times …… or was it our group energy?

Your program  was full to the brim, yet there was ‘space’ for the individual to ‘step-out’ and stay behind – on the Dayabiya or hotels without any problems to the group-dynamics. We had some amassing experiences throughout, balloon ride included. You invitation to let Claudia guide us through some meditations was well received by the group.

I was blessed to observe the many striking Orbs that were circling around you at the chapel of Sekhmet, a sight I will treasure for ever.

Your most welcome and beautiful meditations have helped me back to wanting to stay connected with more routine meditations. The group dynamics inside the Great Pyramid, however, was the highlight for me. A strong connection to the oneness. Again your special negotiations for the group to have this special ‘alone’ time is again evidence of your skills to put a great programme together, including our very special time between the paws of the Sphinx, was equally well organised.

I will forever be grateful to you and Mohammed arranging “my moment” in the Tomb of Ankhma-Hor to be able to be close to what is believed to be part of my Reflexology connection. I believe, however, that many in the group only discovered later that it was very special for me – thank you.

I am also pleased that some of the pictures in the Tomb turned out good as mine are not the best…. I was too excited and my heart pumping not allowing me to ‘focus’ on taking good pictures. Thank you all in the group who managed to take good pictures. Looking forward to seeing them in the Dropbox.

For those of you who let me do some “toe and ear work” – thank you. Your validations are powerful and confirms how smart the body works. It is all about splitting negative trapped toxic molecules into positive energy flow.

To an amazing woman – Michelle – thank you so so much.

Lots of hugs, love and blessings to you and the group, wishing you all the very best of health and energy.

I feel on ‘top of the world’ – full of a special energy which I will use to fulfill some of my items on my ‘bucket list’.


Feedback from:  Rose Dixon (London)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018

I loved the guide Mohamed who was so much more than I expected from an Egyptian guide. The spiritual aspects of the tour were so incredible and I came away with more questions than answers which I love. It just means I have to go back. Loved his humour and that he felt comfortable enough with us to tease us and us him.

My dream was to visit Amarna and I am still stunned that I did and to see Sekhmet in her shrine. What surprised me is I almost fell apart with emotion when we were travelling on that road to the Valley of the Kings. Tears were streaming and I was struggling to breathe through them. I did not expect that place to affect me so much. It was joy and pure emotion at “being there again”. Something is there for me or someone. Maybe in Tomb 55. I must go back..there is something very important there somewhere…

The time spent on the boat was priceless. I will ever forget it. The crew were so attentive and humble, humorous. The meditations and Qi Gong were fantastic and helped us to bond as a group on a spiritual level. The food surpassed my expectations.

I loved the coach trips too as they gave us a chance to see everyday life in Egypt.

Swimming in the Nile and I will go swimming instead of paddling in the Med next time.

The group were incredible so much more than the sum of their individual stories and personalities and Michelle brought everyone together so well. A natural leader who guides but is also laid back and lets people be themselves.

Getting into sites and Mohamed and you going the extra mile so that we experienced things and places that people often do not. 

The evening on the bank and the dancing and entertainment.

Impromptu things like going ashore, swimming etc. Surprise after surprise

I was going to say the feeling but I mean the knowing that I have made lifelong friends who feel like family and the excitement that I will be seeing them again in Egypt and elsewhere.

What I have told people back here: I thought I was going to Egypt as my trip of a lifetime and that would be it. Good memories. What I did not factor in was the people that I would meet and bond with and the expansion of my world and possibilities. The tour was just the beginning, the first step on a journey, probably one that all participants had started a long long time ago. We still have things to accomplish together when we are all physically present and when we are in our home areas. It was that kind of experience. _

The tour gave me happiness and hieroglyphs, temples and temptations to go back, joy, journeys and journaling, friends, freedom and Pharaohs, dynasties and dinners, falafels, fellows and felines. What more can one ask? 

**On experiencing growth I faced a lot of fears about my physical, abilities as I have arthritis and i broke my foot a few years back and have struggled since. But I surprised myself at how able I actually am.

I love people but can be a bit of a loner too as I like to think a lot but I found the group so easy to be with. So, I can be alone and with good people simultaneously

I can adapt to situations more now and go with the flow. I used to do this a lot as I am a naturally spontaneous person. That is when the magick happens.

I got an insight into why refugees may want to come to London when I imagined what losing homes etc in Syria etc must be liked. Mohamed talking about the City of the Dead als0 made me think too. I have a new understanding of why the West may attract people. I have never denied them entry in my heart but have a new understanding now

When I went to Paris on the Saturday after our return I was walking along and I suddenly realised that I felt at home although it is not technically home. I pondered this. I do have past life connections to France I know but I had been before and this was different. I felt like I was at home in Egypt too. I turned round to my daughter and friend and said that this was how I felt and I attributed it to Egypt opening me up to a new vibration of the planetary spirit. That all is home. All of Earth.

I have experienced visions when I close my eyes of ancient places in Egypt that are still to be uncovered and of dusting things off that have been brought out of the earth. It could be that these places link to me but I also feel that they are a symbol of long forgotten parts of myself and my soul history coming to light.

One of the therapists that works where I work does bioresonance and he is aware of frequencies. He said that mine has changed and that I am more grounded, that I am not the same person that I was before Egypt. There is something more about you now, he said, some knowing, Now that is proof of a shift.  

I think this is just the start so I will keep you informed.  Many blessings to you and I cannot wait to see you again!

Feedback from : Silvia Anthonj (Holland)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018

Let me start by saying that the trip was really very special and that we will cherish the experiences forever. A wonderful journey full of magical surprises. (And absolutely worth the money)

Feedback from Lizaenne Brits (South Africa)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018

I absolutely loved the tour and experience and gained so much personally. I am so grateful for the time and effort you put it in and all the arrangements you have made – I loved it all ☺!

I absolutely loved the secret entrances to different places and I loved the meditations and the info, both history but also spiritually. 

Feedback from:  Shelley Baker (Australia)

Goddess Tour to Egypt:  March 2018 

What did you love about the tour?

Personal growth, history of Egypt

Claudia Klein Cht feedback

Egypt 2017
I was fortunate to be part of 12 “Goddesses in the making” touring Egypt to re-awaken the feminine Divine.
This adventure materialized as a pleasant surprise as Egypt was never on my “bucket list”. Yet most of us possible had prepared for a long time, some without actually knowing that we and what we prepared for. This was not a tourist sightseeing tour (although we saw many sites and tourists). Twelve souls quickly realized that our journey was meant to happen in this configuration. The bonding seemed to happen without any reservation, very little ego and a lot of eagerness. However, at times it got tough. We had to face our fears and shadows. The fear of the unknown, what could be around the corner beyond our beliefs and rationality? What would the ancient energies reveal to us. Yet, there was always an outstretched hand, a heartfelt hug, a listening soul, a safe space for our vulnerability. We created a womb to birth our expansion.
The masculine energy of our Egyptian guide could not have been more knowledgeable and loving. His passion brought the intense accumulated energy of some 6000 years to life and he created sacred spaces for us in the most holy places to absorb, download, meditate or fill with our chant. Highways to the heavens, direct lines to ascended masters, which spoke through some of us with words and to all of us directly into our hearts.
Thank you Michelle for organizing this experience.

Yolandi Boshoff Feedback:

Oh wow Claudia. These words are so beautiful and says exactly what it felt like. A trip that has shaped my entire future and allowed me to connect with that Divine Feminine power in such a profound way. Much love Michelle for the vision and for holding this space for each of us. You guys fill my heart <3

Carin Smith Feedback

I am so grateful to Michelle Leske for having organised such an amazing, unique and special tour. Not only did I learn a lot about the ancient and mysterious history of Egypt, but bonded with the lovely group of women on the tour. Apart from Michelle’s love for and knowledge of the mysteries of ancient Egypt, our tour guide Ahmed was also incredibly knowledgeable and became an integral part of the tour. Overall, a life-changing experience for me. Thanks Michelle.

Bridget De Swardt Feedback

Dear Michelle
Thank you for organising such a phenomenal tour of Egypt, it will truly be something I will remember for the rest of my life.
The itinerary was well planned and we visited so many sites I got to experience so many enlightening experiences.
Travelling with a group of like minded people I have created life long friendships and memories in a truly magical place, beautiful Egypt!
Our guides made our trip, the knowledge, experience, sense of love, passion and humor were perfect.  I always felt safe.
The hotels were generally in a good condition however some rooms are better than others, there was always a good selection of good food choices and I enjoyed all my meals.
Thank you for a phenomenal experience, I am truly grateful that I was able to be part of it!
Kind Regards

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