Keys To Self-Mastery


Yesterday I listened to a teaching from the Ascended Master Lanello, who gave some simple yet profound keys to Self Mastery through Mindfulness. These keys pertain to areas in our lives when we need to Speak, Act or make Life Altering Decisions. I interpret this as ALWAYS.

EVERYTHING we Say, EVERYTHING we do, and EVERY decision we ever make can be life altering.

Either for our Highest Good or not!

Here are the Seven Keys to apply before doing anything:
  • Pause and be still
  • Ask for assistance or an answer to a question, or a sign as to how to proceed.
    Listen carefully and wait for a reply from within
  • Once you have heard or felt an intuitive response, consider this response, and contemplate on how you may put it into play in your life.
  • Confirm and affirm in your heart that this is truly the option you desire to take or the course you are willing to follow
  • Obey the inner prompting and act with certainty and deliberation
  • Once you have completed your actions, reflect on your experience and seek to learn from your decision.
  • Be Grateful to yourself for your mindfulness and the way that it has affected not only you, but everyone around you too.


Have you forgotten Who You Are?

Many of us go through our lives struggling.  We get hurt by the opinions and selfish acts of humanity.  We retaliate with that same energy.  If someone is nasty to us, we feel hurt and fight back. We have forgotten that we are Magnificent Beings, we have also forgotten that those very people who hurt us are also Magnificent Beings.  How can we change this behavior?  How can we put an end to this tit for tat nastiness and ungodliness?  Simply by remembering that we are Gods and Goddesses and allowing ourselves to be just that.  That is why we are here on this earth.  To end the cycle of birth and rebirth, reincarnation.  That is the sole purpose of our life on earth.  To remember that we are Unconditional Love.  It may be difficult to do this or it may be easy, it is a choice.  We either allow our egos to dominate our lives, or we allow Unconditional Love to dominate.  The one path is difficult, fraught with fear, lack, greed, selfishness and anger.  The other path is filled with Joy, Abundance, Greatness, Kindness, Fulfillment and Love.

Because we have spent lifetimes operating from ego, it is necessary to undo our thinking and behaviour patterns, we need to recognise where we are not being Unconditional Love and change that behaviour very consciously.  Now is the time.  If you choose to change your life, it is necessary to become aware of what you do not like about your behaviour and change that.

Remember, that you have a host of support from the Angelic Realm, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters.  All you need to do is ASK for assistance, and it will be given.  If you don’t ask, how can you receive?

If you wish to transmute any negativity, visualize the Violet Flame burning away all imperfections, sense of limitation and lack. Sit in the Violet Flame and ask for these fears to be transmuted back to Love.  Then imagine the White Flame of Purity filling that space.  Seal the area in Love.

If you are battling with forgiveness, towards yourself or others, Hoóponopono is a lovely way of transmuting anger towards another back to Love.  You say:

I Love You

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank you

Here is a link for you read up more about Hoóponopono if you would like to:

Understanding the ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness


Goddess Tour 2017 – A Dream Come True

I’ve been back from Egypt for almost a month now and seemingly just getting back to reality.  The Goddess Tour to Egypt, which has been a dream for 6 years, finally happened.  It was amazing in every way, everything I could have wished for and more.  There was nothing that was not perfect.  The people, the weather, the accommodation, the tour guide, the unexpected finds, the shifts and the change of perspective.  I have learned, it pays to be patient.  It pays to pursue your dream, for how ever long it takes to become a reality, because with all the good energy I put into creating the space and the dream, I was rewarded, over and over again.

I experienced a tremendous amount of healing on the tour, mostly in the area of putting up personal boundaries, and not allowing people to abuse my kindness.  In learning this lesson, I have been rewarded with so much gratitude from not only the tour participants, but also the people I am coming into contact with now that I am back home.  It is really wonderful to hear gratitude expressed for my efforts in giving of myself, in order for the planet to heal, to return to a place of love. This will only encourage me to do more and more work for the highest good of everyone and everything that I am associated to.

Egypt is a place of Magic!! I have mentioned this before, but I cannot say it enough.  I went there with the pure intention of sharing my Beloved Egypt with a group of ladies, and assisting them to release the blockages to Divine Love.  I got so much more.  I reconnected with a group of soul sisters, and together, we supported one another, being open to whatever it was that came our way.  There was so much support from the bird and animal kingdom, we had an orb that followed us around for the whole tour, every place we went, that orb appeared in the photos that were taken.  We discovered things that our guide did not even know about.  We laughed, we cried and we healed!

We did experience a few negatives but they turned into amazing positives.  We checked into a hotel in Cairo and some of the rooms were very dirty, however, after complaining, our rooms got upgraded, and we were able to have a magnificent view of the pyramids…………………how does it get better than that?  Also when we wanted to do a meditation in Philae Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Isis, we got chased out, but as our good fortune would have it, we ended up meditating on our boat, in the middle of the Nile River and right close to the original island that housed Philae Temple, before it was moved to it’s new home.  Quite simply, our group were magnets for abundance and good fortune for 2 weeks.

After 6 years of trying to get a group to go to Egypt, one would think I would have given up, but I persisted, I worked on myself, I removed obstacles that were preventing me from manifesting this dream and……………………I DID IT!!



Never, ever give up on your dreams, remain steadfast and continue dreaming, until your dreams become a reality.  I am living proof that this is possible.  I open my heart and hands wide for more abundance.  I Am grateful.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!





Our Life Purpose


Many of us have a great desire to know our purpose in life.  I used to believe that if only I knew my purpose, that my life would turn around instantly,  I would find what I really wanted to do, I would be ecstatically happy, I would earn tons of money, I would become well known and sought after.  Unfortunately at that stage I was looking in the direction of a career, a physical world career.  I would go to psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and anyone else whom I thought would show me what my purpose was.  I wanted them to tell me which career was best suited to me, to live this amazing life.

A turnaround came quite recently when I discovered that actually we all have the same purpose.  It is the most amazing purpose.  The purpose of coming to this earth is to become Love.  Pure Divine Blissful Love.  The Aquarian Age is the age of Christ Consciousness, the Consciousness of the Divine Mother.  The reason why Jesus came to earth was to teach us to live, and what we could become, if we focused on becoming Love.  We were all created from Love.

As souls, we have lived thousands and thousands of lifetimes.  Many of us lived during the times of Atlantis, the Golden Age.  We were fully clairaudient, clairsentient, and lived life expressing our Soul qualities.  Unfortunately, ego got in the way, and we started abusing our powers.  This is when Atlantis and the Golden Age disintegrated.  We are now charged to get back to that Golden Age.  We are here to create Heaven on Earth.  We all have the ability to perform the miracles that Jesus did.  We have the gift of Healing.  The gift of Compassion.  The gift of walking on water.  The gift of alchemy.  Unfortunately we are ego driven, and therefore these gifts are hidden.  To bring them to the fore once again, like we did on Atlantis, we need to Love God with all our being and might.  We need to trust in Divine will and forego our ego.  We need to use the Violet Flame to transmute anything within ourselves that is not Love, so that we can once again become what we really are.  LOVE.

We have the support of the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim and the Holy Spirit.  Ask and it is given.  I pray that if you are truly seeking your purpose in life, you will find this, and remember who you really are.  Ask and it is Given.  You are LOVE.



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