Have you forgotten Who You Are?

Many of us go through our lives struggling.  We get hurt by the opinions and selfish acts of humanity.  We retaliate with that same energy.  If someone is nasty to us, we feel hurt and fight back. We have forgotten that we are Magnificent Beings, we have also forgotten that those very people who hurt us are also Magnificent Beings.  How can we change this behavior?  How can we put an end to this tit for tat nastiness and ungodliness?  Simply by remembering that we are Gods and Goddesses and allowing ourselves to be just that.  That is why we are here on this earth.  To end the cycle of birth and rebirth, reincarnation.  That is the sole purpose of our life on earth.  To remember that we are Unconditional Love.  It may be difficult to do this or it may be easy, it is a choice.  We either allow our egos to dominate our lives, or we allow Unconditional Love to dominate.  The one path is difficult, fraught with fear, lack, greed, selfishness and anger.  The other path is filled with Joy, Abundance, Greatness, Kindness, Fulfillment and Love.

Because we have spent lifetimes operating from ego, it is necessary to undo our thinking and behaviour patterns, we need to recognise where we are not being Unconditional Love and change that behaviour very consciously.  Now is the time.  If you choose to change your life, it is necessary to become aware of what you do not like about your behaviour and change that.

Remember, that you have a host of support from the Angelic Realm, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters.  All you need to do is ASK for assistance, and it will be given.  If you don’t ask, how can you receive?

If you wish to transmute any negativity, visualize the Violet Flame burning away all imperfections, sense of limitation and lack. Sit in the Violet Flame and ask for these fears to be transmuted back to Love.  Then imagine the White Flame of Purity filling that space.  Seal the area in Love.

If you are battling with forgiveness, towards yourself or others, Hoóponopono is a lovely way of transmuting anger towards another back to Love.  You say:

I Love You

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank you

Here is a link for you read up more about Hoóponopono if you would like to:

Understanding the ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness


We are All Precious

So I’ve had another epiphany. I have a lot of those lately.  Simple statements of Truth that come to me when I ask for Wisdom or Guidance.

I have been battling with a certain person for a while now, and it had become very important to me to resolve this issue.  I do want to Walk my Talk, and obviously wasn’t doing this if I had issues with others. I asked for guidance,  after battling this dilemma for ages, I finally realized it was something I could not do on my own, and therefore needed Higher Wisdom.  Why I didn’t just ask for Wisdom and Guidance in the first place is beyond me, when I know about all the support I have, I just need to ask.

I asked about the core of this issue, how I could look past the irritation and move to a place of Love and got the answer within a few hours.  I was forgetting to see that this person was Precious in the Eye of God. I cried and cried at this revelation and that’s how simple it was to rectify my situation.  I have learnt a great lesson from this.  Every thing is simple, we just sometimes choose to complicate things.  There is always always always a solution.  Ask for Wisdom and Guidance.  Why battle on your own, when there is so much support.


I can also say, that the Source of my Inspiration was the Elohim Arcturus.  His retreat is in the Etheric above Angola. He with his Twin Flame Victoria assist Africa to Ascend, with the assistance of the Violet Flame.  There are many Ascended Masters, Angels and Elohim, just waiting to be asked to assist.  Remember that when you are battling with an issue.  Just Ask! Use the Violet Flame to burn through all imperfection and it is done!!


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